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7 thoughts on “oversized plaid shirt

  1. I want to thank you for that heart felt message. You are so such a good woman, mother wife, sister and everything else you have accomplished. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because I know when your heart gets full and you just can’t go anymore. I know what it feels like to be spread thin mentally and physically…and also when your body just says ” I’m done”… youve got to stop and breathe. Trust me…I was in the hospital July 2013. I had a stroke. Had me on my back for a minute, and I prayed, my family prayed and God saw me through it. I wish you and I could sit down and talk…but I know you have to be aware of strangers with agendas. I am a Navy veteran along with my husband. We’ve been married for 26 years and have to kids ages 21 & 25 together and he has 2 kids from a previous relationship 26 & 29. The last four months have been awful to say the least. I’m just hoping this year will be so much better. Anyway I just want to say that I haven’t been with you since the beginning..but the Lords willing…I’ll be here to the end. Peace and Bessings to you!!