FullSizeRenderLife has been busy so I haven’t had much time to myself, but my friend insisted I come over for dinner and her signature Lemon Drop Martini so how could I resist. I love it when it when your friend knows you have a lot on you plate and goes out of their way to do something nice for you. Especially when they have their own thing going. My Saturday night was perfect. I’ll share what she cooked me next week. See you soon. xoxo

Here’s what you’ll need:  Premium Vodka, Limoncello, Lemons, Shaker, Sugar, Two Martini Glasses.  (2 servings)

You take 2 shots of your favorite premium Vodka and add 3 shots of Limoncello (1 part Vodka to 1 1/2 parts Limoncello). Juice an entire lemon and add that over ice then shake. Taste it before you serve to see if you need anymore lemon, rub lemon around the rim then dip it in raw sugar and wala! The Perfect Lemon Drop…

  1. FullSizeRender-3drink 00FullSizeRender-8drink6drinkdrink8FullSizeRender-12drink0FullSizeRender-13Cheers!!!
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