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 I wanted to do a style break down of an outfit that can be worn all as separates. I can wear each piece in this outfit with something 
else and switch  it around. That's the goal lately when I shop,
to find those key elements that can work over and over again. Most 
times we feel like we don't want to repeat an outfit, but if done 
the right way we can reinvent a piece in a new refreshing way. Maybe 
Style Breakdown can help us all including myself. 

Black Pumps: Every Girl must have a pair, this is why it’s important to invest in a nice pair.

Denim Jacket: So necessary and such an easy staple. I like my denim jackets to have some stretch to them and I like to roll up the sleeves, if there is no stretch I like it a bit over sized. I know all of you have one already so we will move on.

Black Leather Bag: Most of us have one but if you don’t have a nice durable leather bag this is the year to invest in one you will love and can wear everyday that will withstand the wear and tear of a busy girls life.

Aviator Shades: These are very everyday and sleek looking. Makes you look like no matter what you put on you have style because you have these on.

Hope you enjoyed this style breakdown segment. If there is a piece that you need styling send me an email and I will do a style breakdown.

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One thought on “STYLE BREAK DOWN

  1. T-Maj! Thanks for that, I really enjoyed it! I would love to see more outfit boards for date night and maybe work outfits for a whole week! Also what color is your lipstick and who is it made by? I love it!!! Thanks Again!!!