I practice very important steps every morning before I start my day. It ensures that my day will begin with purpose and intention. It has helped me to be more productive and have more peace in my life.  I have to battle so many things as I go out and face the world. As a praying woman, my daily prayer is for God to order my steps according to His word.  I’ve gotten to know most of my readers and most of us are on the same path. In order not to feel defeated (because we all do at times and still may have those days even when practicing these steps) we must arm and equip ourselves with the armour of God and have a plan. You are always asking me about the things I read so I’d thought I’d share. 

read you bible everyday for a good life

First things first, I read my bible every morning. On the weekends I’m super busy in the mornings so I will use my Bible app on my phone. After I search the bible like I’m searching for hidden treasures, I pray and ask God to use me, guard my mouth and my heart, and protect my family amongst many other things.fashion blogger the five minute journal

This book has really made me more grateful for all that I have in my life, especially the great people around me. I am truly blessed. If you’d like to purchase you can here.  After this I will meditate for fifteen minutes.fashion bloggerI don’t write in this everyday. I normally write in it when I want to talk to God about the day I had and document it. When having a bad day I’ll write it here so I can remember and not run from it. I want to know the purpose of it so I can learn from it and analyze it. I then leave it there and move on.plan you life fashion bloggerThis planner is my life. I have one planner for everything! I use it for my daughters birthday parties, play dates, games, activities, for appointments for my clients and to plan out post for you guys. Plan your life. Even if you feel like you don’t have much to do still plan for the life you want. You can purchase one here.read a book best book ever fashion blogger I’ll read a little or if I have to go I will throw this in my bag. I usually have some free moments and when I do I try to read. I read the same books over and over again. Eat love pay can be purchased here. I also listen to audible books in my car when I need to clear my mind and stay focused. This one here is my favorite at the moment. I know it by heart but still seem to learn something every time I listen. quote(this is a quote that comes in the five minute journal for each day) One of my new favorite quotes.


Last thing I wanted to share with you and let you know is that material things are the last thing I focus on in life. God is first, my family and friends and then my businesses. I honestly can be going so much harder, but I chose not to? I want to enjoy the little things in life, like going to my daughter games, sleeping in, having lunch with my friends, and just being able to take an hour to relax on the balcony and read my book if I wanted to. I love nice things, but it is not the primary focus in my life. 

Tip of the day: Money will always come, but precious moments will fade away… treasure them while you can.

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8 thoughts on “The Most IMPORTANT part of my day

  1. This post was beautiful! I am really interested in reading some of your recommendations. I will definitely be buying them very soon. You have a beautiful spirit. You are my best friend in my head….

  2. I started following you because of fashion and am thankful to have found so much more. You are blessed to be a blessing. Love it!

  3. I came across your blog/vlog over a year ago and I now have it set as my home page on my computer! lol….I initially started following because of the fashion of course but you have really inspired me to try to be a better person in all aspects of my life, especially now that I have 1 year old baby girl…..I have been through the a lot in the past decade (losing my mom, Hurricane Katrina, etc….) and I finally feel like i’m getting back to a happy place in my life….I just wanted to say thank you and continue doing what you’re doing!

      1. I love how candid you are about your everyday life. Your ups and downs, highs & low. I’d like to recommend reading “The Alchemist.” It’s one of my favorite and I think you too may enjoy it as well.