Date Night…black fashion blogger                                                                           Breakfast prepared by me.

I honestly feel like I’m Cinderella, and I’ve been told that I think that I’m a princess. I do feel like I’m a princess because my Father created the entire universe. I know He wants to give me all of my hearts desires, so this is why I dream. If I want something I create the experience for myself and imagine it as though it’s happening. We always want more and feel like we can do better, but for the past two years I’ve been looking around, and life is pretty good. No matter what we may go through we have it good. If you don’t have the things and desires of your heart, you should go hang out with your Father (God) and get grateful. Grateful for the little things like waking up this morning. There is so much I want to do, but I know deep inside I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be at this very moment.

I hope you believe the same for your life. xoxoblack fashion blogger

I have gotten so many emails about these flats when I posted them on my Instagram story. Buy them here. I saw some that looked just like it and they were Chanel. I believe they were $1,000. I said no Tanya. Got these alternative ones instead and I don’t have to baby sit them and I get to share with you guys so you can get them! 🙂

black fashion blogger

MMH Collection for pre-order. $35. Email me. It’s so BOMB!

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