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Negative people… we have all encountered them in fact we may have been that negative person to someone else. Vibes do not lie and negative people can kill your vibe, but it’s our job to protect our space but at the same time not run from these people. 

Watch this video and see the results that have worked for me. 

This video was requested so if you have anymore request feel free to let me know. Have a positive and productive day my loves. xoxo

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5 thoughts on “How to deal with negative people

  1. Totally agree. This goes for dealing with racists in the workplace as well. Im working on amping up my energy, raising my frequency so theirs doesnt overpower mine. negative people walk in the room and just instantly lower the energy, ya know. and I hate that.

    those invisible bluetooth earbuds work wonders for ignoring people. listen to music, podast, or an audiobook when they come around.