black fashion bloggerTraveling has always been my passion since I was a kid. My mom took me to Belize at least three times a year. I also lived there for a year so I know what its like to be away from something that makes you comfortable. I know that we all have fear and a lot of people don’t travel because they’re scared, but it’s actually the most freeing experience. When I travel I become fearless and humbled. I feel like I can just pack up and move to that place. I ask my husband at least once on all our trips to move to another small Caribbean island and he proceeds to look at me like I’m crazy. My oldest is in college and my youngest  can make friends anywhere so the thought always crosses my mind. 

If you haven’t traveled I’d like to tell you that you are missing out big time. If you don’t have anyone to go with take a niece or a nephew. Take your grandmother or grandfather. I have a special star named after my grandma that I discovered in Hawaii after she died because I felt so guilty that I never taken her there. She’s ask me all the time and I kept putting it off.  I guess I was selfish when I was a younger. I felt like she’d always be here so I can put it off.

Basically what I’m saying is live out your dreams with no fears and stop say next year or tomorrow. Why not now? You deserve it. Take yourself someplace magical even if it’s a long drive to someplace you’ve never been. Always explore and get in touch with you. That’s what traveling does for me, it allows me to be present and aware of all the beautiful things that God created for us to see.

Sorry for rambling. xoxo.         P.S I have a long Hawaii Blog coming up.          Bathing Suits : Here, Here and blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger black fashion blogger

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15 thoughts on “July photo diary round up

  1. I feel the same way. There is a whole big world out there . It’s nice to going to another country and experiencing the culture. The people. The food. For now, cruising allows us to do that. I do have plans to visit other parts of the world outside of cruising. I used to live in Italy (prior military) and loved it there. I’m more adventurous than my husband,; he is afraid of traveling to other countries but as I’ve told him, just as you have to be careful and aware of your surrounds in the states, you do so , outside of the states.

  2. I think you are utterly awesome. I’m a huge fan. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for the MMH line of jewelry to come out. I’ve got my eyes on two pieces.

  3. I just came back from Africa and before I left a co-worker was telling me that she’s never traveled because she’s too afraid. I felt so bad for her because the world is SO much bigger than where we are. Traveling is always a humbling experience for me also.

  4. You take amazing care of yourself, and it’s very inspiring. Of course, living in Cali doesnt hurt!

    Thank you for your blog.

  5. Your oldest is in college, yet here you are looking like you just left college……………you look phenomenal. Obviously, you take great care of yourself.
    I hope to travel as well. Traveling is always so amazing. Just experiencing an unfamiliar location puts you in a different frame of mind.