June 12, 2014

Tanya Major - fashion blogger on Major Must Haves

Blogger Tanya Major is the new Web fashionista thanks to her four-year old blog Major Must Haves, and media all around the US are finally realizing it.

Her quickly growing blog has attracted the attention of multiple media. Major’s interview was picked up several times and she is becoming the go to authority in the business of fashion.

Her recent interview on Small Business Trendsetters was published on several well-known publications including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, as well many others affiliates. The young blogger was highly pleased when she learned the news.

“I’m very flattered, yet humbled that my article got picked up by so many media outlets,” Major said. “It made my day.”

Many African-American women are inspired every day by Major’s fashion advice and suggestions.

Major focuses on helping women find affordable and stylish clothes. Major has a unique voice and way to give women great recommendations on how to dress, be elegant, and still save money.

To read the full article visit: http://smallbusinesstrendsetters.com/major-must-haves-blogger-inspires-budget-conscious-women-in-a-fashion-rut/

To learn more about Tanya Major, check out her fashion blog online at http://www.majormusthaves.com.