Faith not Fear

fearToday I got some bad news but in the long run it will pay off. Went to church today and the message I came back with was, Faith not Fear. I have no fear of what tomorrow will bring; all I know is that God is in control. I am so greatful that I have friends that I can inspire. So that means, I’m an example and need to stay on the positive route. I love you all and may God keep you…


Wearing: INC leggings, Charles David Ballerina flats, Rampage top, Heather B Sweater(my favorite), Tom Ford Sunnies.

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10 thoughts on “Gift and a Curse

  1. Who NEW that sweater would just make that scarf POP. Something else to add to my mental collection. I want to take you shopping with me. Thanks for letting us know that we can put alittle something BAM with something simple.

  2. I am personally (addicted) to leggings! I LOVE the great ideas that you put together for this very comfy/sexy look and look forward to testing them out. You look great in them and everything else that you wear. Do you take requests??? I would like to see some sporty looks that I can wear to the gym that still look great and stylish while running errands. Thanks

  3. I love those ballerina flats. Those are the best ones I’ve seen by far. I have been looking everywhere for some that fit my personality more and I think I’ve found them. That used to be my favorite shoes store back in the day. Charles David should cut you a check cuz I’m getting those. Hope you don’t mind 🙂 Are they comfortable??

  4. Always good to know that u still can look fly while kickin back and jus being you! Simple and comfortable, yet still appealing is always a plus…….. And Remeber that after every disappointment comes a huge Blessings…….. God works in mysterious ways………. Keep ya head……..Best Wishes.

  5. OMG!! Tanya I luv ur site it is FABULOUS LOL you have really helped me with all the heels I have! I bought so many shoes from Victoria Secret and their just sitting in my closet but now thanks to u I know how to switch it up. I luv u and keep up the good work see ya in feb!!!!!

  6. That sweater is HOT! Love the color coordination again you always give me great ideas of what colors blend nicely!!! I also like the simple but classy look and I’m short like you and like wearing heels to make me taller, but those flats are definitely very appealing.

  7. Tom Ford glasses……………….you got to be a diva to even consider picking those out. U GO GIRL. They aint knowing.

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