Soooo, I always wonder why it’s that certain someone that always hates me before I can even open my mouth. Or, the person that knows me, knows I’m a good person and still hates on me.

 I would hate to give myself so much credit as to think that anyone would take time out of their day to focus on hating me but the truth is it happens a lot. My grandmother had Haters. We all do. Why?!!! Maybe I inherited the haters, lol. I guess it means I’m doing something right.

 What happened to women sticking together? It’s bad enough we have to deal with our men because lets face it no relationship is perfect. And now we have to deal with women looking down on other women for no good reason.

 I’m happy, so be happy for me. If you don’t like my site, MS.GRINCH, don’t visit. I’ll be okay with or without.  What happened to girl power…? Come on ladies let’s stick together and show each other some love…..

 Or, you can continue to hate on others to cover up and hide your own insecurities which shouldn’t be the case.  Like I said before, we are all perfect in God’s sight. Instead of hating on me…celebrate you, boo.;)

hatinghatinghatinghatingWearing: Sweet Rags Dress, Giusseppe Zanotti heels/booties, Vintage Pearls.


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14 thoughts on “Girl POWER…??.

  1. i really really hope this is not the person I think it is. And if so you know why she would hate.But your beautiful inside and out and people cant take that SO continue to do you and forget the rest. I love that dress though very pretty

  2. Great legs girl you look amazing….As always. Sweet Rags got you looking sweet. Keep up the good work. God works in strange ways.

  3. Gone Sweet Rags!!!!! The whole look is SASSY! Really Cute! Forget about the haters, there are alot of us that love the site! Keep doing you! C ya…….

  4. Wow……I saw the post some one left earlier. Looks like you hit a nerve. But this is how you know the difference between the HATERS from your FRIENDS!!! Those that love you would never post such NEGATIVITY!!! I am so proud of you. Those that know you and love you see what a beautiful person you are……inside and out!!! Keep it up. Your posts continue to inspire many……AND weed out the bad seeds. LOVE YOU!

  5. What’s up with that comment? Talk about HAAATTTEERRRR!!! Geesh! Any-who, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress!!! You look amazing (as alwaysl)!!!

  6. What Katt Williams say, "Feel Free to Hate on Me". You said it honey, You must be doing something right! HATERS have nothing else better to do than talk about other people because they have their own unresolved issues they refuse to deal with. Keep doing You Lady! Love the dress and the Energy in your photoshoot. Keep em Hatin on you T 🙂

  7. Here Here! Girl Power! I am busting up laughing thinking about Kat Williams when he was talkin bout hater’s. That was hilarious. U look so good. Luv it and luv your photographer. Thank you and I’m waiting for the next one.

  8. Brilliant Shoot , So innocent ……….. What do you expect they hated Jesus Christ and he Died for our sins so who are we ? LOL Stay Focus, Sit Pretty, Sip Chanpagne and Laugh at them !!! CHURCH………..

  9. I’m speechless!! On a fashion note – YOU LOOK HOT (as always). You also have great legs, nice teeth, pretty hair, and beautiful skin. Simply a well taken care of woman. Your dress is lovely however you complete the look and that’s why you’re so unique and special. Where can we find the Sweet Rags collection? You are a great promoter for the line and you look fabulous in all of their stuff. You should be their #1 pick when they need models 🙂 Can’t wait for your next post.

  10. WOW!!! I love the dress its so adorable! I wonder if we have a Sweet Rags collection here in vegas cuz u know we are so late with the fashion lol Well love ya and let the haters hate cuz the ones that really know you know that you r a sweet loving and giving person!! SMOOCHES BOO MISS YOU

  11. What can I say, Simply Gorgeous! I LOVE how you put this outfit together with the accessories and all…You are definitely working it.

  12. I stumbled upon this site by accident & I must say, thank GOD I did! Your style is AMAZING! You are beautiful! Keep doing what you do. Haters will hate, but oh well!

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