I had wonderful weekend away that I’ve been waiting six long months to come. Sometimes I feel soo happy and  then feel that my happiness can be snatched right from under me. I’m always the one telling everyone to stay positive but lately it’s been soo hard for me. I haven’t had much to say lately cause I’ve been trying not to complain. Instead I constantly say to myself thank you God for all the blessings I do have. I also thank God, my parents and my real friends for keeping me grounded. They help me always realizie what’s important in life. 

Thought: It’s so hard to say good-bye…

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21 thoughts on “There goes my BABY! :B

  1. Hey! Everyone has a right to have a day of non-positivity! But I am sure you will cope with positivity!

    As always looking fabulous, though. 🙂

    P.S. The parcel has arrived. I have to go pick it from the Post Office. 🙂 Yayy!!!


  2. @ Tanvi can’t wait to see it on you and what you pair it with.

    @ simply chic- they are comfy and are 5′.

  3. PERFECT POST!!!! I have been feeling the same way lately!!! As a strong, beautiful woman, give the glory to GOD, live for the moment and Keep it pushing gorgeous!!!!!! Lots of Blessings!!!!! And keep being YOU!

  4. Tanya,

    I went and picked it up today morning. I LOVE IT! It is FABULOUS! … Just a pretty piece. Can’t wait to wear it … Will definitely do a post when I wear it …which will be SOON 🙂 Thank You so Much! … It is really lovely. *hugz!*


  5. I love this outfit! Putting a little sparkle with some more casual items is such a good way to keep the look perfect for day time.

    I definitely go through funks like that every once in a while. They’re no fun 🙁 I hope you’re feeling back to your usual very quickly!

    Ce qui m’inspire

  6. Sometimes we need our time for reflection so don’t worry about having to take time for yourself. We are all human. Loving the outfit especially the bag, who is it by?

  7. @ Lexion- It’s by Louis Vuitton one of my favorite bags. Thanks for stopping by….

  8. GOD DAMMMMMMMNNNNNN GIRL YOU KILLING IT SIMPLY AND NICE. You have really made me think about things i buy and say is this a MAJORMUSTHAVE? so i buy them all… my man thanks you too he love the new look.

  9. Those jeans are to die for I want them ASAP….I will dream of them lol. Loving them heels too get em girl!!!!

  10. YOUR HAIR IS BANGING! I LOVE IT STRAIT LIKE THAT. BEAUTIFUL! I luv your shoes and of course bag! You look really good.

    If you ever wanna complain, I am one of the few people that don’t mind and will listen. I get tired of hearing myself complain sumtimes too but the truth is, you need atleast one friend that will let you complain, be understanding and not have a problem with it instead of rolling their eyes back, sighing from exhaustion and trying to make your problem seem like it’s nothing when it really is sumthing to you. We ALL have somthin to complain about and sometimes hearing others problems can help you put yours in the proper perspective. Hmmm…

    I don’t worry about you tho. God got you, fa sho. 😀

  11. I love you fit, you always put those outfits together so well. Plus you wear them well its Cyndy from Cali