I had a pretty relaxed weekend. I worked, attended a couple birthday parties and watched movies with my little crew (my family). I’ve been reading a couple blogs because it seems that I have writer’s block lately and can’t get anywhere. Seeing what others have to say inspires me.

I want to tell you guys about something really great but deep inside I’m feeling like something is terribly wrong. I’ve been reading e-mails from my readers and one seems to stick out in my mind. I tend to take the weight of other people on myself sometimes. I don’t think it’s a bad thing but sometimes I feel weird inside. I don’t want it to change because I like to pray for others and I feel like my prayers really work. I can see someone on the street and I’ll start praying for them. Is this weird? It can’t be a bad thing because it’s doing something good right?

Overall, I still had a great weekend and smiled a lot but there’s just a lot going on in my mind and I need to clear my head. I have decided to start a fast (no eating with the exception of tea, water, and fresh juice) and pray Tuesday and Wednesday from sun up til sun down.

If anyone would like to join me, feel free to e-mail me. This seems to always clear my mind and things are revealed to me that are in question. Trust me this works. I’ll also make a vow to my church. What do you guys do to clear your mind when you can’t seem to think clearly?

Quote of the day- “From my mouth to God’s ears” -speacial reader

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Leave A Comment

22 thoughts on “Smiling on the outside…..

  1. Fasting is a great way to hear God's voice and you are so right…it definitely works!! I have no doubt you will get all the clarity and peace you need about whatever you are feeling! I think its great you have a heart for God and a heart to intercede with prayers on behalf of people you know and dont know! Never stop! Stay encouraged Tanya and keep sharing! πŸ™‚


  2. hey love:) first visit to your blog and it is lovely! great outfit posts! so sunny and warm looking where you are.. I am not jealous at all.. (I am in England and the rain has stopped but summer has gone!) I hope that you feel better about things, keep on praying, hope everything works out for you.
    Much love,
    Take care

    Love Kerry


  3. Such fun pics and really "Happy" Outfit! πŸ™‚ I talk to my friends or husband or just go for a run and get my head sorted! Sometimes even rant about it on my blog!!!

  4. Hi dear! ItΒ΄s nice to hear you had a nice weekend. I was alone at home, but it was ok, too. I wanted to ask you, if you get my last email and if you tried my translation tool on my sidebar on the right side. You have to choose first german as language and then on the top of the side you will find the tool to choose from english to german.

  5. You and I are a lot alike in that area. I am very blessed in so many ways yet I always seem to feel a pull from the world to feel sorry and mourn for those that are going thru hard times or lack understanding. I think you are very special to be able to feel for others. Many people can only focus on themselves and I do understand that. BUT, when God places a calling on your life, you know it, and no matter how blessed you are or how heavy your burdens might be, you must still stop and pray for those that need your prayers. What an honor. It doesn't always feel good but once you understand the feeling, you are so right, your prayers work! They work for others and bless your life as well. There are so many people hurting out there and so many people that are so lost that they don't really know up from down. They need your prayers! WE need your prayers. I will join your fast because, like you, I have that same calling. I will always support an effort to intercede for another and I would feel so blessed if someone decided to intercede on my behalf because I know God hears the prayers you pray for others…

  6. It is never weird or bad to pray for someone else because what you are really doing is being SELFLESS by taking the focus away from yourself and asking God to focus on that other person. It takes a special person to offer up a prayer for someone else when most of our time praying is spent requesting SELFISH things.
    Praying for someone else puts you on hold and how many of us can say that we do that often.

    To clear my mind I write a prayer note. It starts with "Lord" and ends with "Amen" and I know that at the end of that letter, everything in between those two special words, I can release. Instantly, my mind is clear.

    May you continue to be Blessed and be a Blessing to others.


  7. I really like the pastel colors this is such a mother friendly outfit. It's not to hoochie very classy and stylish at the same time. Typically when I need to clear my mind I first pray and then let go and let GOD. I've never tried a cleanse but it seems like it would be refreshing to get out all the bad impurities in your body. Night Love Ya

  8. i really admire those who fast. maybe one day i will get there.

    i read daily word, and i save my favs in my e-mail. when i need to clear my head or i need some sort of guidance i always turn to them, and i instantly feel better. i'm also thinking abt taking a yoga class. i think that will help release some stress…

    is that a jacket? i love it!

  9. I've done fasts steadily for the past year. The hardest was a 6 month fast when I gave up desserts. I felt physically sick for a while in the beginning, but it was a sacrafice I made for God to show my sincerity for something I prayed for. He's still working on it so I'm still sacraficing. Now I'm off pizza and pasta … I knew it would be hard because they are the other staples in my life, but realized just how hard when I went grocery shopping immediately after had a buggy full of grocery before I realized I had to put EVERYTHING back because they were for pasta dishes I could no longer have.


  10. @-simply chic- it's a top you can wear it over leggings also it's from ZAra it was on sale for $20. I'm sorry I forgot to put what I was wearing.
    @-everyone-thanks for always letting me be me. All your kind words are very sweet.;) starting my fast so I won't be on the computer until later on. Everyone have a great day!

  11. Reading your blog and talking to my mom helps me alot. You motivate me to aim high and never let anyone take my dreams goals or ambition away. I truly want to be as accomplished as you when I hit 30. I love you much and as soon as I get a new car or shot a car period because I dont have one. Im coming to see you. I love you big sister.


  12. I love the look.. The beautiful pastel colors and white pants are crisp and cool for the summer… I also love the post…never ever stop praying for others…and you have always promoted fasting…I need to follow your lead and practice that too… Love you girly!

  13. Hey honey bunny! The outfit looks Cute, Comfy and Casual, Perfect for the Weekend πŸ™‚ Tanya please continue to BE YOU! If you feel it on your Heart to Pray for Others please continue to do so. When some people feel overwhelmed, depressed, confused or hurt they appreciate prayer (no matter who it comes from). Always remember that It is your Faith in yourself and others that make you the Beautiful Blessed person that you are! P.S. When I need to clear my mind I find time for myself and take a walk, talk to myself, talk to GOD and RELAX. You can't help anyone else if you are not emotionally and mentally Healthy yourself! Smooches πŸ™‚

  14. OOO lalala Missy… love that shirt it can go short to long;) the combo looks nice on you. The way you put the jacket with it looks nice. Keep up with your fast this way you understand how someone else who has no food feels. We take it for granted that we will always have food then when you see someone hungry you have to stop and think about it. No one should go hungry in America!!!! I hope 1 hungry person can think and know that 1 none hungry person put themselves in their shoes for a couple of days.

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  16. sometimes just being by myself all day (literally ALL DAY) helps clear my head. if you have time to think and write things down everything seems to get organized in your head.. it works.
    xx. alyssa