If your actions aren’t leading u in the direction of becoming who u aspire to be, it’s time for a change. You have the power to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Many people don’t realize that a slight change in perspective and a fresh outlook on life is all it takes to get you on the right track.

I know that I’ll be remembered as a great person. Despite my faults what does glitter like gold, is my heart. And as always, man looks on the outward appearance but God, God looks on the heart!

Finding balance, knowing who you are within and not getting distracted from your path in life is essential to experience fully what God has planned for you. Sure, you may stumble and everyone makes mistakes but you have to remember that pressure makes beautiful diamonds. And, after it all, you will have become a beautiful person. A gem! God’s perfect creation. Our life experiences makes us who we are, both the good and bad. And yes, even the ugly. 

This week was a challenge but I drew from you! At the end of the day no one can do what you are doing because only you can bring your gift to the table. And only you can do what you did or do what you’ve done! That’s what makes you so special.;) I want to THANK YOU!

This week my readers brought me to life. Sometimes we can let minor things get the best of us but we have to draw strength from the positive and that was all of you. 
When you have fear, the devil will operate. Crisis will stop when given to Christ.

Hope everyone has a great week! Always take a negative and make it into a positive! Especially if you know you’re on Gods path…

Tip of the day: People you don’t know will talk about you and people that you don’t know(my angels) will defend you.;) 
Fashion in my closet. 

Textures, colors, fabrics, and details are the things that draw me to pieces when I go shopping. I can be in Target, Walmart or even a $5 store and my eye will always be drawn to these things. You can turn the item into a gem with your confidence and knowing who you are. Designer duds don’t shine through without “YOU”.

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21 thoughts on “Moving right along…

  1. super cute idea to take a pic of your closet…love it! and the message is on point…what glitters is your heart..got that right!

  2. HA! tell'em T…you can make anything look good…the price or the name is just that and nothing else. Like what you like love what you love and kick dust on the haters. God brings people into your life for a reason and trust good or bad we play our parts well! Glad you can feed off the positive people, even if some of those bad GIRLS try and poke at you..listen to the WOMEN in your life that say live and learn…you cant change people they are what they choose to be. I love you and can I get that shirt…anyone of them. lol

  3. A few weeks ago, I 'allowed' someone to take me out of my element. I took a quick internet break and I found your blog and noticed not only you're beautiful on the outside it's on the inside, too. You definitely inspire me and give great words of advice….along with a GREAT STYLE! Continue to what you do best – YOU, and never let anyone negativity stop you!

  4. I luv those pics. Can I have your closet…only a few sizes larger plz…lol.

    You are so right every one has a super gift to bring to the table and there is alwayz a way to step back and rearrange a negative situation into a positive one. And as long as you are living your life right and according to the will of God you are being positive and it shouldn't effect you anyway becuz when you are right that's just IT! You're right and right always beats out wrong anyday.

    Good thing that God is no respector of persons. That means He doesn't consider ANYONE better than the next. Our problem is that we create our own negative situations by not living our lives right like you said but God gives us all an equal playing field.


    Keep up the good work! God bless!

  5. "He say, she say but what does God say?" This is what I like to say to myself when I start worrying about what others think or say about me. God's opinion is all that matters but it is good to know that other people have your back. I enjoy reading your blog and viewing fashions from your closet. Keep doing what you're doing and remembering God.

  6. So glad that God saw you through. Was there ever any doubt? I will answer that for you..No!!! lol
    You will certainly be remembered as a kind hearted person. I always enjoy your site because it is soo uplifting and a Blessing to read.

    Continual Blessings
    (thank you for being considerate about my Grandma's passing. I appreciate it)

  7. I totally love reading your post…again.

    Love your site that I had to nominate you for a blog award. You always seem to write very inspirational posts.

  8. is it bad that I got a lil short of breath with excitement from your closet?! lol. i also loved the last line – ppl you don't know WILL indeed defend you!

  9. I wasn't going to post, but then I realized that sometimes it does make a difference. I'm sorry about the experience you had with "mean girls" and I hope you won't let it or them tear you down. Life is hard, harder when you're dumb, and hardest when you don't have faith. There are lots of people that judge their insides based on someone else's outsides and it's not fair to anyone because someone,usually the person judging, comes up short and often lashes out to make themselves feel better.

    I read your blog because you have great shoes and feel like a West Coast soul-sister. I hope that you won't let petty ladies keep you down and that you won't stop blogging because they've gotten too personal. They don't matter in the grand scheme. If you stop blogging, do it because it's not fun anymore or you're too busy with your family and life. Don't do it because some people don't know how to not tear another down when they're jealous.