Treasures to live your life by:
1) Smile from the inside.
2) Don’t be fake.
3) Always have a pure heart  
4) Think good thoughts
5) If u don’t have anything nice to say…keep quiet

I’ve learned through my years that you can hurt someones feelings, so if there is someone talking in a way that is negative or disrespectful, keep your mouth shut OR you can be like me and let them know it’s not nice. Sometimes we have to step in and help those close to us redirect their focus. It takes practice to live your life from a positive perspective. Human nature can certainly lead us astray. But, life is not a Michael Jackson song. We need to do what’s right at all costs because if we don’t we are the first to suffer for it and next is those around us.

Another thing I’ve learned over the years is NOT to get caught up in random gossip because at the end of the day even if you said one word you said it all. I’m so over gossip. When I’m with my my best friend it’s fun to have secret girl talk, but we never talk about someones appearance or something that someone can’t change. You might think I’m crazy but I really see beauty in everyone as we all should. Please never call someone ugly unless they’ve earned the title by who they are on the inside. And even still, it is not our right to judge. Just take notes and learn.  Beauty is only skin deep after all. It’s really about what’s going on on the inside.

Tip of the day: Let someone know when they are wrong; you might change their outlook on life.

H&M Trench Coat, Random top, Spanx reversable leggings, Burberry boots.

Thrifted Sweater, hudson jeans, LV Bag, CL heels.

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23 thoughts on “She’ll still be here….

  1. I've learned this the hard way. Life definitely can lead you in areas that are out of your character like gossip. But being I hate to hurt anyone's feelings, I'm over the gossiping. It's so not worth anyone being hurt…Great post and I LOVE the thrifted sweater!

  2. BOMB coat. Beautiful sweater!!!! I luv that sweater. And…of course, nothing has changed, you're still looking fabo.

  3. Every post you create never fail to amaze me. There is always a great message at hand.

    Now for the outfits…love love love them! I so want your Burberry boots.


  5. Hi tanya I m reading your blog for quite a while now and jus loving it.. I specially love the shoes.. and regarding hurting anyone with my gossips.. well at times I just can't stop myself from bitching about others with my close friends and later feel guilty about it …

  6. I love the message in your post as well as the outfits.

    I am going to live in leggings/jeggings/anything stretchy on the weekends over the next few months.

  7. So very true love this post Alot of people need to listen to this and I think I need to raid ur closet I love everything

  8. Not surprisingly, I love both outfits in this post. Pink and black always looks good together and I love the colors in the white top with some comfortable jeans. Great advice pumpkin! Smooches

  9. You are zoo right. Only bad things happen when gossip rears it's ugly head.

    Love the coat. We don't have an H&M in the part of FL i live so when my sister and I go to Philly we always stop in,
    They always have the such cute stuff.