I had a great weekend!

It’s surprisingly chilli in California this week.

God answers prayers so remember to pray.

I thank God for helping me to grow.

Wearing: Vintage blouse, Citizen of Humanity jeans, L.A.M.B. heels, Gucci bag.

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Leave A Comment

22 thoughts on “Candy coated thoughts…

  1. Such a Classy And Classic Look. The Blouse is Beautiful . Everything flawless on you, like always…….


  2. Tanya!

    Your hair is so pretty curly; you should wear it like that way more often.

    Love, love, love your vintage blouse. I have to do a better job finding great jeans, because these are hott! I just love the dark wash and the pocket detail. You are absolutely amazing and fabulous and I hope your Mother's Day went well.

    Keep smiling and stay blessed.

  3. Love this trending look….bringing the vintage look back is great. GOD ANSWERS ALL PRAYERS. If we dont grow then we can never learn from the past. Love your life and the people you ALLOW IN IT!

  4. LOVE, LOVE and LOVE this Outfit. I love it when you can dress up a good lookin pair of jeans with a good lookin pair of heels. And it doen't hurt to have a Good lookin Model ;p Vintage blouse is on point! I just love it, Smooches

  5. I love dressing up looking like I'm going somewhere important even if I'm just going to go drop my children off at school (which is very important hehe). This look that you've created I would totally rock it (even if I'm just running errands). You never know who you will bump into. Your hair is flawless. One of my favorite looks by far!