Lately my mind hasn’t been clear due to personal things that’s going on with my family. I’ve been wondering why things happen the way they happen even though I’m not suppose to think this way. I’ve also been wondering how people that are back stabbers and snakes walk around so normal. I’ve just been praying for God to clear my mind and to keep me focus on the important things in my life. People will call me or e-mail me and go straight to a question, no hi how are you. Everyone always looks to me  because of my strength, but I’m human too and sometimes people forget…

 When I’m sad I normally look at my daughters and they instantly brighten up my day. When I’m alone I look down at these two special bracelets and I know I’m special and loved:) I love this pic because my daughter was looking down at me (and it also shows both bracelets clearly) with admiration. You can tell I’m looking at someone special.

When you’re down try to think of the treasures in your life.

I get a lot of questions about the significance of these two bracelets and why I never take them off. The green jade bracelet was given to me by my play mom Kim. When I was a young girl I was very independent. I would walk to the nail shop every two weeks to get my nails and feet done at the age of 14 with the money I made from doing hair in my moms kitchen. The owner of the nail shop took a liking to me. She always said “three’s something about you that’s special and you are wise for your age. When you come in the shop everyone is curious about you, even grown women ask me about you.” She also told me to be careful.

One day when I walked into her shop she told me she had a gift for me. I had just turned 19. Before I opened it I was thankful because she didn’t have to buy me a gift.  It was a tiny jade bracelet. She then called one of her employees to help her oil it on my hand. She told me it would shrink with time and the lighter it gets the better luck you’ll have. She’s Vietnamese so it’s apart of her culture. She also said it’s bad luck when you buy them for yourself. It never came off my wrist since that day. The nail shop is quite a distance from where I live now, but I call and check on her and she holds a special place in my heart;)

My Cartier love bracelet was given to me by my husband. It’s engraved with something special on the inside and I hold this bracelet dear to my heart… I can’t take it off unless we use the device that it came with. I recently got it polished and when I got home to put it back on I lost a screw. Getting one made asap:)

 Finally got around to sharing this with you.

Tip of the day: The fear of what hasn’t happened yet is pointless…

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29 thoughts on ““I don’t ask for nothing I don’t demand in myself honesty, loyalty…”

  1. Very inspiring, continue to inspire and do what you do the best everyone else will have to answer to god for their fallacies

  2. just need to tell you that your blog has become a daily source of inspiration for me. You are so positive and so beautiful and it just seeps through my computer screen. I can feel your positive energy. I'm tearing up as I type this because your blog has really helped renew my faith and given me a more positive attitude. I've always been known as a positive person; always smiling, reliable, kind…people really have no idea the struggles that I go through. I feel like you know me (better than so many people that I've been close to for years) without even knowing me. You have me thinking about restarting my blog and the positive energy that I've acquired from your entries has given me so much ambition to keep pursuing my dreams. I don't know how old you are and honestly it doesn't really matter whether you're older or younger than me. You are so one of my role models. Keep doing what you do so well. I pray one day to have a spirit as bright as yours.

  3. Great post and tip of the day. Jade bracelets are so beautiful some of my chinese friends have them and have explained to me the significance (the same as you). Hope everything is going to be alright with your family.

  4. First, Hi! How are you?! …Thanks for the extremely thoughtful and meaningful post. Continue to remain focused and draw inspiration and strength from your faith. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well.

    I love hearing about your bracelets. I too have a gold bangle that I never take off. It was my grandmothers, and I've worn it everyday since she passed away in 2003. It makes me feel as if she is still with me as I go through life's journey.

    Be encouraged mama!

    Less Is More

  5. If I could wiggle my nose & make all the evil doers, back stabbers, and snakes disappear I would but since I don’t have those powers… all I can do is use the word of GOD which has stood the test of times and have yet to lose a battle!!!! I don’t know what you & your family may be facing but I can say this too shall pass… One thing for sure God is carrying you through your journey! You may not understand right now but in due time you will look back over all this and your mess will be a message to help the next person get through! Continue to seek the LOVE of God through your daughters’ eyes!

    ~Ms. Kim from the nail shop saw something special in you just like WE as your blogger follower friends see something special in you! Stay Strong Tonya & continue to know that you have the strength inside of you to keep pushing!!!! ~Praying God speed…

    Keep Smiling & Shining Sweetheart!!!!


  6. Hi Tanya… Love your post! Your blog is filled with wisdom, fashion, Joy, Happiness and more. I thank you for sharing pieces of your world with us! I will include you in my prayers with hopes that God clears your mind and allows you to continue to be your joyful self.

    Karma is real! What goes around SHO'nuff come back around!

    Have a blessed week

  7. Hi Tanya, first of all i promised you i'd comment and i never break a promise! 🙂 I've told you before i absolutely adore your blog and the inspiration you give. Your such a positive person, you should never let others get you down or upset you. I know at times that can be easier said than done but, some people love making others miserable and for those people all you can do is smile and pray for them. I always say God doen't put more on you than you can bare and your such a strong woman! I really hope everything works out for you! A little bit of "me time" is always a nice way to clear your mind and refresh your spirit!

    PS. I LOVE the jade bracelet! I have a Jade pendant my moms friend gave me from China

  8. Sister!!!! I will have you in my prayers. As you know i always ask you about the jade bracelet its so beautiful and the love bracelet i love. I can truly understand your post and the conversations we have im very glad to have you in my life and know that you and my mom are proud of me. But i m very proud of you. you are a smart strong and beautiful inside and out and what ever storm thats coming in your way shall pass.

    Love you


  9. Love this post. Its very sentimental.
    I hope one day i get a jade bracelet given to me !
    Ive always wished of buying one for myself, but now i know its bad luck !
    stay amazing xxo

  10. Hi Tanya, Your post today had me thinking deeply, When difficult times come into our lives and we find ourselves unable to comprehend/to understand, the enemy is quick to throw doubts/questions into our minds. For as we trust Him in the trials, God can use the difficult trial to mold us. Trust Him! Keep your eyes on Him! And God will use even this trial for His glory. As God uses each of us to help build up & edify the next person, as you do, it will be done to you you will reap what you are sowing, I am going through similar circumstances, & lean on the Lord for strength & understanding, as I know you do, we have to keep trusting in him no matter what. I have been questioning alot of things lately as I live on the East Coast & experienced the earthquake & Hurricane Irene, I find myself asking God what is going on, but I trust him & know that my family & I will be protected. I need God to work in my family life & , financial situation, everyday I pray for it, & know that he will work on each one. Continue to cherish your family, especially your girls as they are precious, & will learn alot from you. I love you as a Sister Friend/ Sister in Christ, please pray for me as I will continue to pray for you.

  11. First of all your hair is beautiful, and most importantly love the stories about the bracelets!

  12. since i have found your blog, you have helped me in alot of ways that you probaly don't know. i love the honesty and the realness in your posts and i hope that things work out for you. my family and friends always look to me for strength as well, but sometimes i just have to take a step back and take time for myself and pray…for strength and guidance. i also look to my little one when i need a lift (my little sister). she is so special to me. i love her like she's my own.

    take care and as my mother says, things will work out in the end…they always do.


  13. Great post Tanya, very inspiring and thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment. I look forward to the day I have someone in my life to love me as your husband loves you or children of my own to admire. Love your blog and spirit. Stay AMAZING!

    Naja D

  14. Before I moved from the city of rude to the city of polite, I thought that someone asking me how I was doing was just their way of being fake. I mean really….they didnt REALLY care to hear my problems (always with the problems). Now, I ALWAYS ask (when in rome….). Even when it might possibly annoy the person. I feel lucky. So just forgive some of us, b/c its just not something we understand at the moment. =/
    Hair looks great….! I dont know how you LH gals do it. In the summer =)

  15. My love for you grows more everytime!! Love this post sis, & your hair is EVERYTHING!! 😉
    You and your family are in my prayers.

  16. This post was very inspiring to me. Thank you so much! You are a blessing to so many. Keep sticking to the script.



  17. Hi honey! Thank you for sharing what's special to you in your life as inspiration to others! You are a rare breed missy remember that and unfortunately everyone gas not been able to recognize their blessings and share the love. Just know that as long as you stay genuine the blessings will flow. Also, know that we all question in our life why certain things happen to us but don't worry it's all a part of life and an indication that we are susceptible to challenges that only make us stronger! Smooches

  18. Tanya you would make my mom so proud with your jade bracelet!!

    Your beauty is like a jade stone~strong and vibrant, precious and admirable, highly esteemed and ALWAYS standing the test of the time!!