I’ve noticed some women seemed to be easily impressed by material items when a man tries to flaunt it in their face. It may look nice and you may feel like you’ve hit the jackpot, but many times women end up getting fooled. They should consider it a lesson learned because this shouldn’t be their primary reason for talking to a man anyway.

Guys that go to the club and  buy’s  “things” to try and get your attention shouldn’t impress you. You should want a man that doesn’t have to flaunt what he has, instead let his character determine who he is. You want a man that’s conservative with his cash so when he does decide to buy you a gift you’ll know it’s special because he isn’t going around buying every Jane something just so he can get what he wants.

This shouldn’t be even a issue, but in most cases it is. Everyone wants a real man right, which consists of him first being able to take care of himself. I’m sure most successful women want  a man that’s financially stable and that’s perfectly ok seeing that when you can hold yourself down (pay your own bills) you deserve to be selective.

Lastly a man should be willing to date you and show you a good time. I’m a firm believer in doing what you want when you feel like it, because let’s face it we are all grown, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to become attached to quickly and that’s normally the case for women after they’ve become intimate with a man. That’s why I suggest you wait until you feel likes he’s into you, on top of having values, but that’s another post.:)

Tip of the day: Don’t be so easily impressed with “things”.

Wearing: Calvin Klein Jean button up, Burberry Skirt, Prada Leopard Heels, nneka saran Bag   (love this comfy bag).

On another note, all photos are copyrighted so if you’d like to use my photos please inform me or credit my site. I put a lot of hard work into my pics and I think it’s really unfair for someone to want to act like the photo originated from them. Thank you.

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35 thoughts on “Stop messing with these clowns that can’t even stand behind what they do…

  1. Your words are on POINT! Everything that glitters AINT gold!!!!!

    I So love this look, Love the Skirt… Those shoes! This look is so casual looks comfy but chic at the same time!!!

  2. I know men that buy things to impress women and it's just like you called it. They are long on cash and short on character. And I also believe that men can also lack esteem. Clearly they feel that all they have to offer is their money.

    Love the outfit and those shoes are to die for!

  3. Great post!! What a lot of women fail to realize is, once the cash runs out, or becomes the norm to you, there is nothing left. So you may end up with full pockets and an empty heart…Think twice before you fall into this trap. Remember "money can't buy you love" Also, cute skirt!! LOVE the color!

  4. I love this message right here. Because alot of young women are impressed of what kind of car a man drive what he is wearing . Just material things period. Keep up the good work Tanya you are a wonderful young women:)


  5. You look gorgeous as always!
    My husband and I have been teaching our kids this (especially our girls) for a while now. He takes them out and does special things for them all the time, so when they start dating they won't be so impressed by "stuff".

  6. Ohhhhh Tanya… I'm loving that skirt and the leopard shoes!!!! ~Stunning~

    BTW, are folks stealing your pic's???!!!! Wow… they would actually stoomp that low… when are peeps going to start RESPECTING other folks property and being themselves while doing it!!!! #Uggh… so sorry to hear that!

  7. this post is SO true and i wish more women would realize this.

    i love your shoes!!! it gives the outfit an edge…love it!!


  8. Love this post! I love the message. You are absolutely right. Women should not be impressed by what a man has because half the time it is fake. Oh and You look adorable. Love the skirt and heels!!!!! 🙂

  9. Love everything about the outfit. And you hair is always on point. Start watermarking your photos, that's the BEST way to get credit where credit is due.

  10. I really like those heels. They're so pretty and would go perfect with my fall wardrobe!!!! I really want a few pairs of animal print shoes. Something like the one's your wearing, or some snake skin round toe pumps…..

    Also, I agree with you. I used to be like that, my first boyfriend always flaunted his expensive watch, suits, shoes, etc. in my face and I would think, I should grab hold of him since he has money. That was a huge mistake. Turns out when we began dating that he was a MAJOR cheap person. He wouldn't take me out on dates, buy me things (Except for a bear, he did spend money on a nice bear that sings, and came with a cute outfit, coat, boots, skirt, and hat), but besides that he just grew super complacent.

    Now i'm dating an amazing man, that I pray will marry me (he says he will), and he's super humble, doesn't dress fancy, but yet at a drop of a dime he's willing to spend so much money on me to show he cares, and it's not only in the form of expensive purses and such, but through buying arts and crafts material that are super nice, or taking private lessons in origami, and then spending a week or even a month worth of time on a project to give to me for my birthday, our anniversary, or any other special occasion.

    I love it and feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful man. His outward appearance is humble, but inwardly he is finer than the most rarest of rubies and precious stones.

    God bless you beautiful woman of the Lord!!!

  11. Tanya,

    I swear you have like THE best legs. You make me want to spend my evenings doing calf raises! LOL!

    I love those shoes!!!

    YEEEES! to everything you said. I agree, women should be self sufficient. Anything she wants she should be able to buy it for herself whether she can buy it outright or she has to save for it. Sometimes when men know you depend on them they will use that to their advantage when the going gets tough. Always have your own ladies! 🙂

  12. The words are very much on target and i totally agree with you on that. I laugh at chicks who are impressed by spinning rims and shiny jewelery. These guys know what they are doing. Anywho..I TOTALLY LOVE THIS 'FIT! ITS A VERY REFRESHING LOOK CHICA! 🙂


  13. Pretty skirt Tanya! Your hair is gorgeous!

    As far as your pics…you can watermark them, however, people will still find a way to get what they want. It's a shame.

  14. Adorable outfit! I'm yet to buy me a Nneka Saran bag. I've been eyeing a few particular pieces for almost a year. I gotta step my game up. lolol. Cute leopard heels, too.

    Meanwhile, there are a lot of impressionable folks out in this world. Both female AND male. Seeing the world at face value instead of delving deeper to know the actual meaning. It's sad to see. The only thing I can say is to look beyond the pretty face, the banging body, the fancy car. There's more to life than that.

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  16. What a fun outfit and inspirational post!

    I agree, we give too much of ourselves, too often and too soon. We need to wait to determine what's real and what's typical chatter. If every woman practiced this principle, I believe men would duly step into the role they should be.

    Again great post.

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