Good Morning! I hope you guys are having a great week thus far and not letting any obstacles stand in your way of anything that needs to get done:).

It was a little chilli yesterday so my go to outfit was (it’s rarely freezing in Cali unless it’s after dark) some fitted jeans and a flowy comfortable top. It never seems to fail me. Sheer is really in right now so if you see blouses like this be sure to grab one. If the weather is colder where you are, you can always layer a sleeveless sweater, a scarf, and your coat over it and still be just as stylish. As you get indoors you can peel the layers off and then pile them back on when it’s time to face the cold weather.

Tip of the day: Purchase an oversized scarf if you don’t already have one.

Wearing: French Connection Blouse, Citizen of Humanity Jeans, Fendi Bag and Heels.

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Leave A Comment

15 thoughts on “almost there babe…

  1. oohh nice i have a sheer blue top but i need to get me a scarf dont have one of those. But you look beautiful as always.. Love you mucho!

  2. Hey doll loving your outfits these days especially the HM top super duper cute. Miss you guys a lot. I have been overhwelmingly busy with work and school so I will try and comment more. Nonetheless keep of the good work styling and inspiring.

    Dani Nikoal