qualityMy best friend in the entire world planned the perfect night for my birthday. I’ve known her for 16 years and we’ve had our spats, but she’s one of most treasured relationship’s that I have in my life. I really consider her to be the sister that I never had because no matter what ever happened between us or what anyone says we know each others hearts.

When I’m down it’s like she has a radar and always seems to come through right when I need her. She one of the angels in my life. I love her:).




Wearing: Tracy Reese Dress, CamillaSkovgaard Heels, Gucci Bag

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27 thoughts on “I chose quality over quantity….

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! So glad that you enjoyed your day. It's so good to have friends that you can depend on. I'd rather have 1 or 2 true friends than a lot of people that I can't trust.

  2. Aww how cute!! Happy belated Birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful time!!! Gorgeous outfit, especially the bag!! Purple is my absolute favorite color! And so sweet of your BFF to plan an amazing night out! You know you have a real friend when you can have your ups and downs and they are still there, you are both blessed to have each other, this is one of the many things that money can not buy! I have a BFF like this that I have known for 20 years this year! We met in 7th grade (wow that makes me feel old to say 7th grade was 20 years ago LOL!!) she moved across the country 5 years ago and I was devastated, I miss her so much 🙁 But I do treasure every conversation, every vacation, every night out. These experiences are priceless! Quality over quantity is such a true statement!! I Love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, T!! You and your best friend are looking fabulous and I love your hair, dress, makeup & shoes! You look so happy, I love how it shines through. You're lucky to have had a friend for that long, it shows what kind of a person/friend you are. I have a 12 year friendship (2 of which she was in Paris) that I hold very dearly and I feel truly blessed to have her versus 15 other friends.

  4. Happy belated bday! hope you enjoyed it, you're right when it comes to friendship quality is better than quantity. Your best friend looks fab. Your bday outfit is really classy, I like it as well as your handcuffed clutch.

  5. Tanya,
    What a true honor for you to include me in your special birthday post. I am so glad that you enjoyed your Quality dinner party 🙂 and gift to. You're so right about Quality over Quantity when it comes to friend ships because the More is not always the Merrier! Over the years we have both grown into strong and successful women. We also have developed such a true appreciation of our Quality of life in a humble and simplistic way (more is not always better) – we do what works for us and stay happy. I also believe if you are going to do something do it right and I always want the very best Quality for you and everyone that I love. I am so happy with our friendship and the 1 on 1 time that we get together. As usual you look simply GORGEOUS in your dress, heels, accessories, purse, hair makeup the whole Sha Bang! You're a complete package honey…. Lucky B. The ambiance of the hotel was nice background eye candy for these pics.


  6. It's so great to have awesome friends… I have a lot ,but some I hold quite dear to my heart- as you do. It sounds like you had a great celebration and Happy Birthday, gorgeous!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Tanya! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday with your friends and loved ones.

    You look simply BEAUTIFUL.


  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I am sorry I am late. I have been busy with my brother's wedding.

    You looked fantastic!!!! Hope you have a great year ahead.

    Lots and lots of love!