Men have a perception that just because they are males that makes them men and that’s not the case. A real man takes care of his family and never leans on a woman to take care of him because he would feel les than a man if he did.

It’s ok if you’ve been with someone a long time and he has a struggle for a bit and you take over. That’s what partnership is about. I’d take care of my husband if I had to until he got on his feet if something were to happen to him financially. But he’s such a man that he wouldn’t even want anything from me. He would get up and stock shelves at the grocery store if he had to because he has no pride when it comes to providing for his family.

This is where a lot of men have things twisted because they feel like they wouldn’t do certain things so they just rather not work at all so all the strain is left on the woman and this isn’t right. This is when the boy comes in and they need to MAN up. My cousin Brandon is in the marines and he’s going to China for 3 years (I’ll miss him) and when I look at him I see a man. Whenever he’s around he fixes things, he opens doors he makes me proud to call him my cousin. He’s a Man. One of my god sons came to visit me at my job and he’s only 10 and when I was leaving he said let me walk you to your car. I smiled and said that’s a little Man:).

I’m saying this to say nothing should really ever be one sided it should always be a team effort. If you are a woman and you do the providing for the household then your man should have dinner ready, clothes washed, kids picked up from school, ect.. If he’s just sitting on his but all day and you have to do everything what purpose does he serve. Just to say you have a boy should never be the case. Having a Man around always makes things a little easier weather it be your father, uncle cousin husband, boyfriend…

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