I’m loving this effortless long skirts. It provides the right amount of style with comfort. long skirts

Layering chain necklaces are the new trend that repeats itself year after year. If you don’t have any get one asap!

Another trend that repeats itself are the thicker belts.
long skirts

This was a perfect outfit for warm weather in winter.
long skirts

Wearing:F21 skirt, Target tank, Dior heels, Chanel Bag.

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15 thoughts on “I call it how I see it…

  1. Hey lovely! I'm loving all things polka dot so this skirt is just fabulous. I'm trying my hardest not to be "jealous" of your warm winter weather; it amazes me that people can wear sandals and tanks in the winter – the east coast does NOT permit such! Have a great day!

  2. No matter what you wear, whether you are dressed up or dressed down, you always look fabulous. You really have carved out a very distinctive brand for yourself. Everything you wear has your brand stamped on it-spohisticated, fly, and AMAZING!!

    Oh and I love your bracelet :-p