I get lots of e-mails from readers saying that people are just so mean. I can totally relate, but you know what you gotta do with these kind’s of people…smile and they’ll eventually come around because they’ll see that they can’t break you.

If people would just practice a little more kindness and show others just a little more love…the world would be so much better. I love God and I’m not ashamed to say it!! He has done so much for me and my family and I just wanted to thank him today as you should for just waking up to see another day.

I don’t put my religious beliefs upon others although if you chose to come here… I’ll talk about them, I’m defiantly not perfect and I don’t judge anyone on anything that they choose do. I just accept them, pray for them as well as myself because I’m a human and I sin, but when people are deliberately evil towards others, that’s something that I can’t stand and would never be apart of. Who has time to be evil, it takes so much energy? Even if you’re going through something look up to the sky and be thankful for whatever it is you have. The world is so beautiful. Go discover something new…

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