mixPeople always ask me how did I get into styling. Although I love doing hair and make great money, fashion is my passion. I just jumped into it three years ago and it’s the most satisfying feeling when my clients love every item I pick. Some of my clients have a $1000 budget and some have a $5000 budget, however they are always amazed with how many items I can mix with high and low priced clothes which all comes together for a rich look.

Although great clothing is nice the main thing about fashion is that confidence is your best piece (accessory). I’m happy that I don’t have to be confined to one thing being that I work for myself so I just dress for how I’m feeling that day. If you feel good in what you have on it does not matter what anyone thinks. It’s all fun.

If you want to pursue something new just do it. There will always be some people that won’t like it and some that will. You can’t please everyone. Once you get past that and focus on you and your passion, skies the limit.

Tip: Bright colors add a statement to any look:).

mixmixWearing: H&M Top ($14.99), Genitic Jeans ($200), Ysl heels.

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