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14 thoughts on “check me out…

  1. This is such a blessing and waaaaaaay overdue! I'm sure it's only a preview of great things to come. Congratulations Tanya!!

  2. Dear Tanya,
    Plain and simple you inspire me:). I trust that whatever u decide to do with your blog would make us very sad but you have laid a solid foundation. You are FAB. I accept that I am great but no one is perfect and we all are better when open to receive blessings and not closed and selfish. I salute that you are an awesome mother, wife,stylist, fashion guru and would like to say thank-for sharing and wanting all of us to be Fab.

  3. WOW BIG THANGS POPPIN!!!!! Majormusthaves!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Tanya!!!! I love your blog, not only because of the fashion but because you are truly a work in progress… I enjoy the fact that you post pictures of yourself and we see that you have a true sense of fashion but at the same time you do not hesitate to let your readers know that you are far from perfect… and you have struggles just like the next person… your love for God shows in your post! You seem to be such a humble person…which is rare these days! So many people brag and boast about high end stuff they have and don't realize they prolly would have nothin if all their material items vanished…. KUDOS to you Ms. Thang! Keep pushin… You are truly an inspiration!

  4. Hi Tanya, I love your blog and I read it every day. I love your blog for the great professional wardrobe picks, to the food you prepare and of course the encouraging words that you share about life experiences. Congratulations on the article featuring your blog and from one LA native to the next, I am excited for you and how you are representing LA! Keep up the good work hun.

  5. Go on with your bad self….majormusthaves, making major moves!!!

    Your blog is such an inspiration and the ironic thing is sometimes the messages are things we already know but we forget about them in our toolbox (mind)…your blog helps me remember what is important, influential and inspiring……..I say thank you!!

    You deserve all the success…"To whom much is given, much is required."

  6. Yay! Congrats Tanya. I love your blog. I shared it with my best friend and now she reads your blog daily as well. You kept us inspired in your own unique way 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Congrats Tanya I love your Blog I've been following you from day one you may not know I am very proud of you I'm your number one fan everyday when I get to my office I have too have my coffee and check my favorite blog(MajorMustHaves) for new updates keep up the good work:) L.Johnson