quotesEvery Sunday I go to breakfast, relax, catch up on my magazines and watch the OWN channel. It always feeds my soul as well as teach me something new. I always make sure I have a pen and pad near by to take notes.  T.D Jakes was on there this week and the quotes I took from him really stuck with me. I’ll share them with you.

” Love people on the level they can handle, rather than the love you can really give them.” My husband is good at this. He always tells me to treat people accordingly. I’m working on it.

“You don’t have a relationship if you don’t have trust.” I knew this already, but sometimes you have hope for people.

“You don’t get angry with the people you don’t care about.”  If you do get angry, it’s worth working on.

“Everyone doesn’t think like you.” I need to get this through my head!

“Love someone that hurt you.” I do that…always.

“Don’t energize where you’ve been, energize where you’re going” don’t dwell on your mistakes, you’re human.

“Attack the issue and not the problem.”

“When you hold on to your history you do it at the expense of your destiny.” Powerful!

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.” Please forgive:)

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