It’s sad but I’ve just come to the realization that just because you’re kind, doesn’t mean that you’re a good person. You see when I see a person doing nice things I use to automatically place them in a cool person box, but that shouldn’t have been the case. You have to examine a persons character. Is this person being nice to you because there’s a motive behind it? Do they know you’re giving and kind, so they are being (fake) kind to get what they can get from you?

What these people don’t know is when a person is doing something for you from their heart, and you are being the user, you may feel like their a sucker, but God is like more blessing to my faithful giver. The more I read my bible the more I see the phrase about casting your pearls upon swine. It’s really funny to me because when your a user you are constantly moving backwards that’s why they NEVER get ahead.

Be kind with no intentions of getting anything back. Do it because you love to give a helping hand. Do it because you’d want someone to do the same for your mom, dad or anyone you love if they were in need and you weren’t there to help. They could have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just stopped to help them change it. Do it because God would do it. I’m a witness, don’t worry if you’ll get something back. Plus most times the person you helped isn’t where your blessing comes from. Furthermore, YOU will ┬áhave peace in your heart that you’re truly a genuine giver with no expectations!

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