jan 24 2014 00

My baby loves fried chicken. I don’t like us eating out a lot so I decided to make it for her myself. Hope you guys enjoy.

jan 24 2014 1

Clean your meat with lemon and vinegar. Season your meat and flour generously.

jan 24 2014 2

Dip in scrambled eggs followed by a dip in your flour. Then it’s on to the frying pan of vegetable oil.

jan 24 2014 5

Chicken takes a while to fry so leave that on medium -high heat and start on the sides.

jan 24 2014 8

I cooked corn, asparagus and spinach mixed.

jan 24 2014 6

I made fresh mashed potatoes with bacon, chives and sour cream.

jan 24 2014 4

drain chicken on paper towels.

jan 24 2014 9


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