april 1 2014 6april 1 2014 5My family is from a small country called Belize. Respect is big in our culture so simply disagreeing or stating your opinion, is almost a form of being disrespectful. Silence is golden but sometimes you have to roar like a lion.

Growing up we were taught children should be seen and not heard. That is clearly effective in some instances but what people may not have realized back then is that many of those same children grew up with little or no communication skills. I try so hard everyday to improve myself daily, but this left me sometimes to be ill-equipped to negotiate and resolve everyday issues in life and relationships. The result manifests itself in the infamous silent treatment, withholding love and affection and other non-verbal actions. As we mature we all need to learn that our word is our wand, our roar is our tool to build, nurture, encourage and clearly state our wants, needs and desires.

I’ve learned that you have to let others know your needs thoughts, desires, what you will and will not tolerate. Your roar doesn’t have to be mean or disrespectful (still learning how to speak calmly); but let it be fierce, faithful and by all means fabulous.  

Tip of the day: Remember, you catch more flies with honey not vinegar. I have to constantly remind myself of this!

Have a great day you guys!

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