easter 2014 3Life has been pretty smooth lately and I’m allowing myself to say that out loud without thinking something has to go wrong. My business is great and God has sent the right people to work with me which has caused me to flourish. It still doesn’t mean someone else isn’t having it rough at the moment. I write about lots of things and most times it’s not what I’m going through at that moment, but I’ll get an email from one of my readers which will allow me to try to encourage them with my story.

I feel like I put myself out there and I’m really vulnerable which helps a lot of people. I truly believe that is my gift, allowing myself to be so open. I don’t mind sharing something in oder to let someone know they aren’t alone, no matter the cost. In spite of the negativity it brings, this gift has blessed me tremendously! It also allows people who I don’t even know to complement me genuinely and in return bless me.

Remember when you’re on a path of pursuing your goals, following your passion, and following God’s lead, there will always be distractions, trails and disappointment. Just look at it as a bump in the road in order for you to get to your destination.  If you aren’t stumbling, then you aren’t doing what you’re suppose to do because the devil already has you in the palm of his hands. The devil only uses people to fool with those who do great things! easter 2014 8easter 2014 2easter 2014easter 2014 6Wearing: F21 Dress, Christian Louboutin Heels.

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