black women blogsThis week has been so busy, yet I still made time for those that needed a listening ear and gave back by doing a service free of charge. I do it because it just makes me feel good. The crazy part about it all is exactly what I gave, someone totally different gave right back to me just in a different way.

You can give back with your talents, talking to a younger person that looks up to you or something as simple as giving a smile. It’s important in this crazy messed up world that we try to stay humble, gracious and most importantly… be kind to one another.

We all have bad and sad days. Your true strength is how you chose to treat others through it all. Don’t let the weight of the world allow you to give off bitterness and negativity when you walk in a room. Instead strive to be a light that shines, so when others see you coming they have no choice but to smile.

Happy Sunday, happy days. xoxoblack women blogsblack women blogs

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