how to relax - Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus SpearmintLife can get the best of us and if we don’t find the little things that help us quiet the mind we would all be a wreck. When I have a long stressful day I love to come home light a candle, run myself a bubble bath, take a couple deep breaths and relax. I take myself away from everything that’s crowding my head. I usually imagine myself in Hawaii or at a spa. Bath and body works stress relief products always soothes my mind. The eucalyptus aromatherapy stress relief candle is a must in my home, but when I tried the other stress relief products, I feel in love with the entire line and  I can’t live without it. My friends will surprise me with these and I get so excited. Do yourself a favor and try this. I promise you won’t regret it and it’s so affordable. Check the entire line out to relax - Le Blanc Lavender Lady Linen WaterAnother thing that relaxes me is when I make my bed up in the morning, I spray this lavender spray on my pillows and my sheets. Anything with lavender I love. After a long day of work, I get in the tub and hop in bed and the smell relaxes me instantly. My husband’s hooked as well with this spray. You can get it hereimg_3268When all else fails, I take my scenic route to the beach. I described it more in my previous post here. I take a motivational book to  read, look at the ocean, look up at the sky, pray, and just reflect on all my blessings. I suddenly become thankful and all the stress goes away. See you soon. xo

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