get fur coats


I’m learning who my readers are and with that being said I decided to start a new series. Whenever the seasons change for instance winter to summer, fur coats go on sale and summer to winter, sandals go on sale, I will let you know what we need. So we have to save up, then soon we will have all our classic pieces in order. We can buy trendy when ever we like, that’s why we don’t invest tons of money on them, why because they go out of style quickly. Don’t forget every once in a while you can find a great classic inexpensive item, just make sure to take proper care of it so it will last.  I recommend that with everything you have, especially if you love it.
Fur coats/vests are timeless, warm and stylish! You can pass them down to your kids and practically have them forever. They are worth the investment. We all just have to have at least 1 in our lifetime.
To see me wearing my real furs and faux furs you can check them out here, here, here here, here, here and here, here, here, herehere, here.
Now you see why you need one.:)
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