ingredients for a veggie with turkey omeletteGood morning. Yesterday I had a omelette (two eggs one yolk) with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, turkey and cheese. I had half of an english muffin, blueberries with grapes on the side and had decaf coffee. I relaxed and enjoyed my breakfast after my workout.ingredients for a veggie with turkey omeletteSome of you email me about my workout routine and what I eat. I work out twice a week faithfully and eat practically whatever I want. I make sure to eat in portions so I won’t feel to bad about myself afterwards. I’m also starting to feel sick when I eat things like fired chicken or something that was too heavy to where I feel like I’ve over eaten. This is why we should listen to our bodies.

Whenever I eat a sandwich or homemade burritos I cut it in half and put the other half away. This has helped me a lot. As for now I think I’m maintaining my weight, but not losing. My husbands happy, I’m not gaining weight  and I get to eat. Let’s see if things will change when it gets closer to summer, how much closer can we get right. 

Thank you all for visiting. I really appreciate each one of you. xoxoimg_2739 img_2744 img_2760Enjoy!

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