Wearing - F21 Blouse/Dress, Target Shorts, Prada Scalloped Sandals, Chanel BagI know I’ve been MIA for the pass couple days but I needed to work on somethings around the house and I knew you wouldn’t miss me that much. I’ve also been working on a face routine video for you guys. It’s not perfect but I know the next one will be better so I’ll just go ahead and post it this week.

Let’s talk about putting our best foot forward. I take 20-30 minutes to get dressed max everyday. If I take a bath the night before shave off 10-12 min. No matter what I allot myself that much time to make sure that when I leave the house, people will take me seriously because I have taken pride in my appearance. I want others to trust that whatever services I have to offer, I must know what I’m talking about because I’m well put together, confident and we all know that starts with our appearance, plus it just makes me feel better about myself. You are your own walking advertisement.

I wear flats 4 days out of 7, so whether we are dressed up or down we have to be well assembled. Money has nothing to do with it. Even if you have two to three go to outfits that are nice, clean it and wear it over and over, rather than wear something that is uncomfortable or not put together so that you can put your best self forward. 

This look was under $50 not including the shoes, but I will say it looks easy, cool, comfortable and polished. I love shorts under a longer top to create an illusion that you are taller. If you want to see more looks un $100 you can check them out here, here, here, here and here.Wearing - F21 Blouse/Dress, Target Shorts, Prada Scalloped Sandals, Chanel BagWearing - F21 Blouse/Dress, Target Shorts, Prada Scalloped Sandals, Chanel Bagimg_3345img_3347img_3350img_3366img_3327Wearing: F21 Blouse (more here)/Dress, Target Shorts, Prada Scalloped Sandals (alternative here), Chanel Bag.

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