Purchase Here: Line Reducer | Face Wash.best line reducer for your face black fashion bloggerYou guys kinda know that I’m a creature of habit and I do the same thing over and over with my hair, nails and skin. My baby loves it like that so I try to be consistent in doing what he likes, not to mention when you switch up products to much,  you can’t see the real result of the product you are using.

I’ve been looking for a new face wash and wrinkle reducer. I tried these and used the entire bottles. Now its time to share my results. The face wash is amazing! I wash my face with it and leave it on for about two minutes then I wash it off. I follow with the wrinkle reducer. This stuff is amazing. I don’t apply it around the corners of my nose because it is sensitive there so it tingles more than I’d like. But overall this is a majormusthave. It warms up while rubbing it in your face and feels like you are putting a primer on as well. It’s just an amazing product loaded with vitamin C which is great for your skin. 

This is not a sponsored  post just me giving my honest opinion! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Product of the Week!

  1. Kiehl’s is amazing! It’s one of my favorite lines of skin care aside from La Mer. I love that this particular one has the flowers in the liquid product itself.