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black fashion bloggerHey guys! Hope that you’ve been well. As for me I’ve just been trying to keep my mind creative, focused and purposeful. Don’t let anyone ever tell you life is easy or that anyone has it less tough than you do. We all suffer in our own way which means EVERYONE has problems. We have to have the power and control of our mind to be able to handle things in a proactive way. The reason I started writing again is because God wants us to be vulnerable with each other so that we can show others that they aren’t alone. I’m not here to paint the picture that life is easy cause it’s not.  What the hard days have taught me for sure is to appreciate every good moment, not days… moments. Take the time to live in your happy moments. I bask in the good. So when you see me traveling and smiling, know that it’s properly deserved as you deserve it too! ♥

Tip of the day : Keep on being kind and you’ll be fine. xoxoblack fashion bloggerblack fashion bloggerblack fashion bloggerblack fashion bloggerblack fashion blogger

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5 thoughts on “Equipment Blouse + AG Denim + Gucci Velvet bag

  1. So impeccably beautiful through and through, Tanya! You remind me of my Mom, she was gorgeous inside and out, from head to toe just like you. Keep shinning 🙂