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Let’s start with the night before. I had to pack my bag, help Laila pack hers as well, go to bed early so I can wake you the next day for work and my aunt’s 60th Birthday Party. Not to mention when I have to wake up early I wake up every couple of hours because I have this phobia that one day I’ll  oversleep. ©

Everyone wish  Aunt Ruth Happy Birthday.

On this particular day I worked from 6 in the morning which means I had to wake up at 5am because I had to get ready (which I’ve mastered how to get dressed in 20 minutes) and my drive time was 40 min. I had to be done by 1:30 to get my hair done (I can’t front, when my hair is done I feel my best),  and drive to my friend’s house to get dressed for my aunt’s party which was on the westside and started at 5:30pm. I hate getting dressed away from home so I had to practically pack everything I own (♣♠♥♦please Lord don’t let me forget anything) and stuff my car. Did I mention I was going to try to drive back home but my friend insisted that it would be smarter to get dressed at her house (she made us feel at home)  so thank God I took her up on her generous offer. In addition, I was feeling like crap and didn’t want to do anything but go home and get in the bed. However I got myself together, put my makeup on (slowly) and ended up feeling like a million bucks. I saw my huge family and instantly, boom, my night was filled with love and joy. My family is so loving and kind and I love when I’m around them. It was like God knew that I needed to be around them all. Life gets busy so we all don’t make enough time for one another, hence my goal for the New Year, to see them more. My day ended perfect, which made me feel like I had the perfect day!

What I’m saying all this is say is fight through your hectic days and wait on the good to happen. I want you to expect it. EXAMPLES: get a flat tire say to yourself , God is saving me from something so I’m here waiting for AAA for a reason. Forget your mascara at home, hey that means you get to try your friends, which turns out is now my MUST HAVE. Lastly, no matter how tough the day may seem or get, keep reaching for a better feeling or thought and it’ll come. xoxo

Tip of the day: Stop being so hard on yourself, you’re doing the best you can!
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5 thoughts on “Self Care

  1. Your posts always make me smile :-). Tanya, your words always come in at the right time. Sometimes we can be our own worst critic. When you slow down and let God do his work, you’ll never be disappointed. You look Gorg! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT RUTH!

  2. Hey thank you for your inspiration, please do a tutorial on you daily routine of all these products, I trying to figure it out. I need to get my sexy back and what book are you reading as well for inspiration.

  3. Wow! Happy birthday Aunt Ruth! My mom’s name is Ruth, and she’ll be celebrating her 60th birthday this June. Such a blessing for both her and your Aunt.

  4. Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth!

    You look beautiful Tanya! And you ae right, having your hair whipped definitely makes the confidence go up quite a bit!