fashion blogger Recently my best friend went to Cuba! It’s on my little brothers bucket list so eventually I’ll go there but it’s nice to be able to ask someone you know about a country so you can have a heads up on what to do. Her recent trip also has me thinking about traveling and social media. She does so many amazing things but rarely post on social media. I asked her why didn’t you post these amazing pictures, and her reply was because I was just enjoying the moment. This led me to the question, do we post our travel pictures to show off? I know I just really try to inspire and share and I know most of my readers feel that, but is that my true intention. She has me reconsidering posting my travel pics. Wondering if I should just keep them to myself and just keep my blog, youtube and instagram strictly fashion, food and lifestyle. I follow a couple girls on instagram and when they travel you see their joy when they post. I don’t feel like they are showing off, for example @sincearlyjules and @estherandsasha. Their pics inspire me so much. Anyways hope you guys have a great day. My friends pics inspired me so I wanted to share with you guys. Just was thinking and wanted to share… xoxofashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger

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8 thoughts on “Cuba!

  1. I don’t think it’s bragging. I feel like it’s a part of your job as Social Media Influencer. And if people take it as “bragging”, that’s their problem, not yours. You shouldn’t have to conceal your joy to make others feel comfortable.
    I personally don’t post pics, but that’s because I don’t, nor never had an social media. Plus, I hate taking pictures of myself, LOL.
    But, please don’t stop posting. You have inspired me to go to Hawaii, Aruba, Bora Bora, Spain, Bermuda and etc because of your pics!

    1. Exactly your postings bring joy to see your adventures. I plan to start traveling because of your journey to such beautiful places.

  2. Exactly your postings bring joy to see your adventures. I plan to start traveling because of your journey to such beautiful places.

  3. I love everything that you posts, Im just not consistent when it comes to commenting…LOL! Sometimes I will share snippets if Im traveling and then post more pictures and videos when I return home. Looking at your travel pictures and others inspire me and always reminds me that there’s a huge world out there. I dont really pay too much attention on whether someone is showing off or not. Plus I think you can get a feel of those that are; you definitely are NOT one of them.

  4. Please continue to post your vacation pics and youtube vlogs, I love those! I never see someone’s travel pics as bragging but it inspires me to set goals to travel; and it’s relaxing to view all the cool hotels, food photos, and different looks you wear on vacation. In all honesty I have learned a lot from you on how to dress for the occasion (casual or special occasion) and you get it right every time. You also make it look cool to be a wife & mom when so many women complain or dread it. Continue to inspire me and so many others!

  5. Please continue to post your vacation pics on social media. I actually look forward to them. They are inspirational and give people that can’t or don’t travel for one reason or another a chance to see beautiful parts of the world. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched and enjoyed your Maui vlog. It makes me remember my trip there and brings me joy every time I watch. Plus I love seeing what you pack, how you dress, and just how you do vacation. I’m eagerly awaiting the day you post YOUR Cuba pics.