MMH Collection is a young, Los Angeles based contemporary jewelery brand, that embodies minimalism with a bit of edge. Our pieces are very delicate. We pic beautifully crafted jewelery that reflects confidence and class, Los Angeles style.  Our pieces are unique yet versatile, glamorous yet subtle. We believe accessories enhance, not overshadow the natural beauty of the woman wearing them.

Most of our pieces are costume jewelery made from brass and some  are lead free and plated with gold. Special care is suggested for you to enjoy the beauty of our pieces.  Here’s a list of tips on how to care for your MMH jewellery for a longer period of time.

1. Avoid air contact when storing. Storing in velvet  boxes or pouches. This is the best way to keep your jewelery air tight and safe. A zip plastic bag is an alternate way to store your pieces in the event you misplace your original packaging.

2. Do not place pieces on or near air conditioners or heaters.

3. Steam and mist from bathrooms can allow moisture to tarnish your pieces. Please avoid water and moisture whenever possible. Do not wear it in the pool or shower.

4. Avoid cosmetics. Apply scents or cosmetics before you put on your jewellery. Perfumes and lotions will tarnish the jewellery.
Avoid sweat. Remove jewelery when exercising, or any other  physical activity, as sweating may cause the jewelery to tarnish.

PLEASE NOTE: Our costume jewelry pieces are also offered in 14k white or yellow gold upon request.

Our team is here to assist you! Please visit our contact us page for advice or or assistance with your order. We’re happy and eager to help!


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Shipping and Handling:

Pleas allow 8 days after payment is received for you to expect your order.