beach essentials
At the drop of a hat I will decide to go to the beach and no one wants to make a big fuss when you’re trying to be spontaneous. I always have a towel/blanket in my car. I then just make a quick stop at the store and I’m set.  This is all I need.

  • Straw-Ber-Rita by Bud Light is so easy to get and is so good!
  • magazines
  • shades
  • cover-up. Although I have many different style cover-ups, there is something sexy about one you can throw on and button up. I like to button only one in the middle so you can still see my bathing suit. This is actually a shirt. Here are a couple here and here.
  • Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 Sunscreen Lotion is the only sunscreen that protects my sensitive skin from burning.
  • scarf. This holds my hair in place from the wind especially if my hair is freshly done and I want to preserve it. img_5242 img_5265 img_5290
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5 thoughts on “BEACH ESSENTIALS

  1. I’m interested in purchasing the scarf. I clicked on the link and I believe it is broken. Can you please let me know where I can find that scarf. I really love your style.

  2. I literally came to ask the same question about your scarf Tanya! if you find an online shop that sells scarves like those, please share !