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7 thoughts on “Maxi Extra Tropical Dress

  1. Hello. I realize this dress sold out. I was wondering if you would like to sell this dress to me or as crazy as this sounds, rent it out to me. My name is Michelle. Please reply and I will find a better way for us to get in touch. Thank you in advance.

  2. I recieved a return message stating that your email is invalid. Could you email me at Shellsliandro@gmail.com please?

    Here is the text of my email:
    Hello, my name is Michelle. I realized you replied to me on the site just now. Is it the original dress from FreePeople? Can you tell me the size and elaborate on the condition of the dress please? I purchased it online from Ebay, but it was a COMPLETE disaster. I am returning it since it came in damaged condition. I have a wedding to attend in less than two weeks on the beach of Mexico and want this dress so badly. Do you mind sending me pictures of the dress as well please?