img_9275  Shorts here. I went one size up on the shorts. Heat wave…img_5789 Favorite restaurant. Gulfstream.img_0596 Although I try to get in enough vegetables in my diet, with my crazy life it can be hard. I put a scoop of this in fresh watermelon juice and I feel like I didn’t miss out. You can use any juice you like. You can purchase one here.img_1176 My friend took me to her secret spot.img_1186 Sushi is my new favorite food…img_1035 Coming up soon…These earrings are my absolute favorite!img_1058 Once a week rituals…

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2 thoughts on “snapshots

  1. Love the red top in these pictures! You always look effortless and fabulous! What are the deets for the red blouse with the tie?

    Thanks, Dani