swatches of the best highlighter for brown skin anastasia glow kit sun dippedI love to have a natural glow. I owe highlighters a huge thank you. They are a big part of my skin looking dewy and hydrated. Of course water helps but when you have those days when you feel washed out and tired, throw this amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit on in Sun Dipped and you will instantly look well rested like you just got back from a tropical island. I made a video about my dewy skin routine using my other favorite highlighter. It’ll be up next week. I call it my beach look but I find myself wanting to wear it everyday. 

On anther note, I put up a couple new YouTube videos that you guys can check out if you visit my chanel. Hope you are having a wonderful week so far. 

highlighter on brown skin anastasia beverly hills glow kit sun dippedI’m wearing a couple colors mixed here. If you were wondering where I got these earrings from you can check them out here. I love them! I think I’m going to get a third hole in my ear soon. My new jacket that I have on is from here.sun beam by benefit brown skin black fashion bloggerI have Sun Beam on by Benefit in this shot. You can see previous post where I’m wearing this dress here

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