Holiday Gift Guide


Here’s a holiday gift guide for all of my ladies. Don’t be cheap with your friends. I suggest you only have amazing people around you so that you can buy them these thoughtful gifts. My best friend buys me the best gifts, even though she sees I have everything, she pays attention and I’m never disappointed. Let’s not even talk about the gifts my husband buys me so guys this gift guide is not for her, unless you just started dating her. Seriously these gifts will be great. I get so disappointed when someone buys me a gift that I never end up using, I know it’s the thought that counts so I’m helping you think. I know you can relate. Who wouldn’t love anything from this list. xoxo
1. Candles are a the best ever!
2. This tooth brush just seems so cool
3. So Posh beauty is so girly and all of her products are amazing. Check them out here
4. Everyone loves phone cases
5. I’d be so happy if someone bought me this lip stick… hint hint lol
6. Fingerless gloves are my favorite and who could resist these.
7. I really am about to order myself this robe. I forgot to buy myself a Christmas gift.
8. I ride my bike a lot and I’m sure you and your friends work out so this running phone case is perfect.
9. This Bose speaker is perfect. I take mines with me on all of my vacations, except when I go to the 1 Hotel in Miami cause they give you theirs to take out side,
10. My best friend loves┬áLe Creuset Pots and one of my followers got me one last christmas. It’s purple and I love it. Thank you girly.
11. Perfume is always a good idea
12. I love blankets. Buy your friend a blanket. She will love it!
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