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I’m here in the beautiful Turks and Caicos for nine days and I’m enjoying every second. I haven’t gotten dressed once. All I do is go to the beach, eat sleep and repeat. We have eaten tons of lobster. We have a cottage so we have a refrigerator full of everything we love. My husband went to the fish market yesterday so last night we had scallops and red snapper for dinner. I feel like I’m at home, but just with the most magnificent  beach in my backyard which by the way is my dream!

Now to these bathing suits. The first one is only $23! This is my husbands favorite. It has a great quality surprisingly. I’m going to order more when I get home for my next vacation. The other bathing suit I ordered and it was cheap as well but the quality is horrible. Nevertheless, he likes this one too. It just has no support so I was constantly adjusting it but the print is beautiful. Sadly even though it’s not that great I will wear it again just because the print is amazing, he likes it and it isn’t constricted, so it makes it easy. Have you noticed my new shades? They are now my absolute favorite! They make a statement yet they are very simple. Lastly let’s not forget about my favorite most suitable drink for going to the beach, my Buzzbox. I take then with me everywhere I go and everyone loves them. Perfect buzz from one box not to mention if you have two. They have premium liquor in them, so no headaches.

I will try to post as much as I can, but as for now I’m just trying to be present and enjoy every single moment. xoxo black fashion blogger black fashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger

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4 thoughts on “Turks & Caicos

  1. Hey Tanya,

    Great photos. I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

    I was wondering if you can tell me if you use any kind of online travel service like Expedia or Trivago when you take trips and if so, which one would you recommend?


    Selah B.