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black fashion blogger“Real connection gives us fuel”

What a powerful statement that is. Sometimes we can be feeling so down and we need a push from someone, a sign, something… anything! But, the truth is when you are connected with the people around you that is fuel in itself. These connections should be people who are working hard, staying positive, not gossiping and on a mission to achieve their goals. These people should be growing and pleasant which in turn allows you to be thrilled for them and inspired to go after your dreams. It’s like you guys are all doing your thing and when you chat or come together you are sharing the process and progress of your journey.

Our support system for hard times are essential in our lives because, they will see the flame dying inside of you and get concerned. Now notice the word “connection”! I say that again because when you are connected with these people they read your energy and feel that you need that push. They don’t further add stress or drain you, they try to identify the problem and try to add the spark back into your life that needs to be lit again. There are a couple of people like that in my life, but believe it or not my youngest daughter fuels me the most. She is my personal little angel.

I wanted to talk about this today because if you are feeling down and feel like there is no hope, check the people around you and see do they add value to your life. Are you guys truly connected and are you growing together. If not it might be time for a pruning in your life. This is why I tell you guys quality over quantity because I want to save all of my energy, time and money for the people that nourish my life. They are valuable to my well being so I must give THEM my all!

If you are the “one” in your circle that is  thriving and doing well, I urge you to look around at the people you love and check in on them, make sure they are thriving and happy, and if they aren’t get in there and light their fire. After all that is your job seeing that the shoe could be on the other foot one day… xoxoblack fashion bloggerblack fashion bloggerblack fashion blogger black fashion blogger

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