Dress: hereblack fashion bloggerThe past two weeks have been crazy for me. My brother has been in the hospital and life has been hectic sleeping there and juggling life. Whenever this happens I stop in my tracks and can’t seem to do anything with my blog. I was just getting back on track. Hopefully he will be better and I can get back into the swing of things and produce content for spring/summer. Thanks all of you for visiting. Here are a couple snapshots from the past couple weeks. See you soon.
blogger View from his room. He loves these candles here from bath and body works. fashion blogger Stopped home to edit a video coming out soon and snapped pic in my officemajormusthavesMy baby plays field hockey and she’s amazing at it…fashion bloggertransferring him to another room. He’s loved by everyone even all the nurses at the hospital…fashion blogger the day before he was checked in I started working out after a hiatus for 6 months…bloggerhis friends sent the most beautiful flowers. Casablanca Lilies are one of my fav. The room smells amazing! one of my favorite dresses to throw on… details of dress here. Flats herefashion bloggerbeen back and forth all week and finally managed to make myself a proper breakfast…
this was our lunch yesterday per his request, chinese food…fashion bloggerRunning out comfortable outfit, hence why I haven’t been blogging because this has been my wardrobe lately. Dresses here.

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4 thoughts on “snap shots

  1. Hi Tanya,

    Wishing your brother a speedy recovery. The balance of life is real. Pray, breathe and keep it pushing my friend. 🙂

  2. Praying for a speedy recovery for Travis!

    It’s been a few months since I’ve worked out as well! I’m starting back this week!

    You make effortless chic look like runway 🙂

  3. You shouldn’t stop blogging based upon what you’ve been wearing lately; considering the circumstances going on with your brother. I prefer to not always see the “perfect” side of life because life just isn’t perfect like that. I value realness more than anything. I have you guys up in prayer.

  4. Your blog/vlog is such a source of positivity for me and I wish you all the best in this tough time….I hope for a speedy recovery for your brother! Take care❤️