If you’re one of those people that can go somewhere and the energy in the room doesn’t phase you then you are a very blessed person. I always thought that it was a curse for me to feel the bad vibes whenever I’m around people. It kinda throws me off sometimes because I’m such a happy person and I love people so much. When I go out to different events sometimes I can feel the negative energy in some people and if it’s someone you don’t know then you really just have to brush it off, but when you go someplace you’ve been invited to by close friend’s or family and it’s suppose to be a intimate occasion filled with love, it can get weird.

I just started learning the power of energy. I can be going through the worst thing ever and if I commit to something I’m going to show up. When I show up I’m smiling always. I watched on a episode of Oprah, that you need to be careful of the energy you bring into someone’s space. She has a sign up in her office “be careful of the energy you bring into this space”. Only after I heard that from one of the most successful people in the world was when I knew this is real and I had to surround myself with great energy and separate myself from negative energy.

Now when it’s in your control you’d think is would be simple right, but for me that’s not always the case. I found myself to be a people pleaser. When I have a party (wedding, baby shower) I like take care of everyone around me. I want them to eat the best and feel the best . This is just me. But I’m now learning the key to this is to do it for the right people! Don’t waste your good energy on bad people! That’s the key. As I’m writings this I’m still feeling sorry for the people that I had let go recently because of bad energy. I’ve seen the good in them at one point, but I can no longer waste my energy trying to cater to someone that needs to look within and change who they are which will take time and growth on their part.

Spare yourself the headache and let go of bad energy people. I don’t care who they are separate yourself and if you feel bad pray for that person. They’ll in time come around, and if not don’t lose any sleep. I can no longer waste my what’s suppose to be enjoyable moments on bad energy people. I feel this is one of the keys to a smoother life.;)

Tip of the day: Try not to entertain the wrong people…

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26 thoughts on “You can only fake it for so long… it’s gonna surface eventually…

  1. i have to tell myself this at least once a month!!! sometimes people have agenda's that you cant even fathom and you wonder "how can you be so (insert negative word)" but you can allow other ppl to dictate your response or reaction that's what dignity is! ps i almost couldnt focus on this post because i love that skirt so much haha 😉

  2. You always have great messages! Like you I felt bad and sometimes still do feel bad for letting certain people go but trust me, I'm not loosing any sleep! Cute fit as always. What color neon polish is that?

  3. Hey girlie! I've come to believe that everyone in is our life for a reason or a season, but there is purpose in that relationship. Once you discover that purpose, you handle them accordingly and move forward. It is then up to them to keep up or keep it movin'. The older and more mature I get, it has become easier for me to weed out those who are full of bad energy. Life is too short and too precious to be bogged down with negativity. All you can do is remain true to yourself and never let anyone compromise that! -XO

    Less Is More

    PS- You look purrty!

  4. I've been reading your blog for awhile & always enjoy the inspirational messages or advice. This topic is something I'm going through right now, and it's extremely hard for I've known these people since childhood (8 years old). It's extremely hard to see them waste away from the negative energy & people that surround them daily. However, I too believe in the power of prayer & that's all you can do is let go & let God.
    Again thanks for the encouraging messages! And fashion 😉

  5. Tanya!! This is so true – you hit the nail dead on!! I have learned this the hard way and it may take time but it's the best thing someone can do. Let go of negative energey and let that individual or individuals find their own place away from me!!! The hardest thing for me in the past was to see people for who they really are – once that's done, God shines the light on everything around us and we get to see the REAL person and the REAL energy. Thanks so much beautiful for sharing. I'm here on vacation and I had to finally stop and check emails and check out your blog. The Best I must say. Keep it coming but take care of YOU first and foremost, I'll be right here waiting;-)

  6. I love this post. I went though something similar with a person but couldn't put my finger on why I didn't want to be around them. I can get along with most anyone, but something about her had me SO uneasy. My twitter friends were like wow, you are really worked up about this person. My peace means a LOT to me so I'm not going to let anyone mess that up for anyone. I wasn't at peace until I cancelled the lunch meeting. Just couldn't do it.

    Ok I'm done rambling lol. You look great as always.

  7. This post was amazing… thank you for writing!!

    BTW, Love the blue CL's -FAB!
    Is that the infamous AA neon nail polish? If so, ka-uute on you! 🙂

  8. Hi tanya I hope you are doing well today 🙂 I love your post!!! It really hits home because when I am surrounded by bad energy I let it get to me and then after a long period of time I noticed the bad enrgey manifesting itself in me. In order to protect others that I truly care about, I distanced myself from them to save them from the effects of my bad energey…It was so scary, it got so bad at times my tv would loose its signal just from me walking past it. It has gotten much better now because I have made changes and surrounded myself with more positvie people and immersed myself in positive thoughts, and over time become more positive from within and now I feel comfortable to share space with the ones I love! Thanks Tanya for sharing your encouraging words!!! Your posts are always on point!! And what color is your nail polish? I want it 🙂

  9. This really hit me because i've recently had to do the same. I felt so bad about doing it but once i realized that everytime i was around that person i felt a depressing cloud over me…i knew it was time to part ways. thanks for this post and your whole blog period i visit often and always feel good when i leave this site. keep up the good work honey 🙂


  10. were we separated at birth??? i am going through a rough patch b/c a girl ruined my trip in vegas, her negative energy brought EVERYONE down and she showed no consideration for people who worked so hard to pay for that trip to ENJOY, not dwell on negative things…she was a good friend before and i catered to her every request to make her happy and i just realized she wouldn't do it for me in the time it was needed, she only calls to bring on negative energy. i'm D O N E. no more, keeping the positive people in my life.

    i truly think God puts the right words in your mind and blog so that He can speak to all of us.

    btw – i LOOOVE your skirt and how you put together all your colors. just beautiful chica!

  11. I totally get your post. With me, I've decided that I'm just too old and at a certain point in my life where I refuse to be around anyone that makes me feel that certain kind of way.

    Looking fabulous as always!

  12. Hi Tanya,
    Thank you so much for all of your love! It comes through so thick i need to wipe it off my screen lol. I just wanted to let you know I am so greatful for all of the lessons I continue to get from you. Your positivity makes you suck a beautiful person, I share your blog with my friends so they too can get a little light when they are down. Keep up the peace!
    -Niki B.

  13. Amen! That's why I can't go everywhere an do everything. You definitely have to pick and choose. Bad energy contaminates the spirit and can be very draining. Great post!

    Absolutely IN LUV with that skirt! Love the dior back. My fav pic is the bottom one. Nail polish color is superb! You look great as always 🙂


  14. Thanks for writing this….its confirmation (AGAIN) of something I already knew it. People are in your life for a season, some seasons are longer than others.

  15. this is so true! i have had to let go of some people bc of this very thing. i get feelings about certain ppl also and i have learned to trust my gut and let those negative ppl GO!

    lovely skirt and shoes too 🙂


  16. You are so right. Sometimes I would think that I'm helping someone who just needs a little assistance. I'll give them a chance and they end up draining Me and dragging Me down with them. It happened to Me recently. I can no longer help someone that is not interested in helping themselves and let them drain Me of My positive energy. Anyways! Cute skirt and shoes!

  17. Wow, I love the message it's wonderful.
    If this is not the truth then there is none.
    I can relate to the entire thing. I love it. Never
    Change YOU!! Be the one to change the atmosphere.

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