fashion blogger Recently my best friend went to Cuba! It’s on my little brothers bucket list so eventually I’ll go there but it’s nice to be able to ask someone you know about a country so you can have a heads up on what to do. Her recent trip also has me thinking about traveling and social media. She does so many amazing things but rarely post on social media. I asked her why didn’t you post these amazing pictures, and her reply was because I was just enjoying the moment. This led me to the question, do we post our travel pictures to show off? I know I just really try to inspire and share and I know most of my readers feel that, but is that my true intention. She has me reconsidering posting my travel pics. Wondering if I should just keep them to myself and just keep my blog, youtube and instagram strictly fashion, food and lifestyle. I follow a couple girls on instagram and when they travel you see their joy when they post. I don’t feel like they are showing off, for example @sincearlyjules and @estherandsasha. Their pics inspire me so much. Anyways hope you guys have a great day. My friends pics inspired me so I wanted to share with you guys. Just was thinking and wanted to share… xoxofashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger



Buy Here: JournalA lot of you ask me about this journal on instagram. It has really changed my life. I know it sounds drastic to say but, it was a gradual thing. It has made me more patient and peaceful. I have bought so many for the people that I encounter…

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well fitting bathing suits

Shop Here: J Crew Bathing {sold out quickly but alternative here, here}  | Shades | Hat | Tanning Lotion/here and here | Belt Bag 

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fashion favorites

caught your eye maxi dress

Shop Here : Dress | Flats (here, here, and here here) | Picnic basket {alternative here and here} Shades |

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easy style

Shop Here: Top | Skirt | Flats | Bag |  This is the best fitting skirt I’ve had thus far. It’s comfy and has a thick stretch. I love the idea of wearing the same colors as an outfit. Make for easy style. Hope you guys are enjoying your week…

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What Is Love Jumpsuit

Shop Here : Jumpsuit | Shades | Wedges | Bag Alternative { here, here, here and here} This jumpsuit is my new favorite summer must have! I literally wear the same things over and over and this is defiantly in rotation. I really try to pick out quality pieces that we…

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Jungle Belted Shirt Romper

Shop Here: Romper | Hat | Shades | Bag | Slides |

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beauty favorites

Paisley Tunic

Shop Here: Tunic | Heels old {alternative here} | Alternative Bag | Shades

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The Perfect Colorful Duster

Shop Here : Duster | Shorts | Tank | Heels {love these here, here and here} | Shades When I laid eyes on this duster it was love at first sight. I have been looking for one that looks luxurious to wear with my jeans or over my bathing suits for my…

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