I am organized, relaxed and fun…


Just because someone is “nice” doesn’t mean your spirit aligns with them.

You prolly just not vibing.

If both parties are working on themselves, it should be cool.

We too focused to read into shit.

No hard feelings.

Nothing personal … 🌟

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The power I discovered in being alone

When my husband first passed away, as you all could imagine, I was devastated. He was such a loving, wise, smart, strong, loyal man. Almost fatherly as he protected me so much. If anyone made me upset, he hated them, lol. But seriously, the day he left this earth, I…

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let’s play

Hi guys. This is me trying to start blogging again. There are a few topics I’d love to write about and I can’t wait to sit down and dive in. I can’t wait to start back sharing with you guys. I’ve linked everything I’m wearing down below. You guys know…

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fashion favorites

Easy Style

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floral dress

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Labor Day Coming

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beauty favorites

Allisa printed jumpsuit

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the perfect flats

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