When someone does something to you whether it be your ex-boyfriend, your friend, a co-worker retaliation is never the route to take. I encounter a lot of people in my profession and most of them tell me the classic story of someone hurting them. They then proceed to tell me how they will do something to hurt that person (example) like try and get them fired, call child services on them, key their car and all the while they don’t realize that they are becoming just as evil as the person that hurt them.

People come to me for advice (I’m no expert), but I try to do right by everyone (I advise them this as well) even the people that do me wrong. There is no point in trying to hurt that person or wish bad things upon them because they are miserable in the first place. Also I like to give others the benefit of the doubt and sign it off as they are going through something and they are taking it out on me so that helps me process things when I’m feeling attacked. You’ll be surprised most of the people that have done something to you (when you leave them to God) they come around and apologize for acting that way. Also your conscience is clear because you didn’t counterattack. Just keep smiling and putting positive energy everywhere you go…things will always turn out great for you in the end…

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